Week 1 Lecture

August 27, 2014

Introduction, Rock Cycle, Solar System



Rock Cycle Movie

Learn about the Rock Cycle

Our World: The Rock Cycle

Rocks and the Rock Cycle

Geology Kitchen: The 3 Types of Rocks

3 types of rock- a science song

Types of Rocks & Rocks Cycle Video for Kids by makemegenius.com

Rock and Mineral Identification

Basic Rock Identification: Geology

Rocks & Minerals : Identifying Types of Rocks

Identifying Rocks : Classifying Rocks

Identifying Rocks : Physical Characteristics of Rocks

Identifying Rocks : Identifying Igneous Rocks 

Identifying Rocks : Identifying Metamorphic Rocks 

BBC Men of Rock 1 of 3 Deep Time


BBC Men of Rock 2 of 3 Deep Time


BBC Men of Rock 3 of 3 Deep Time


National Geographic: The Story of Earth

The Solar System HD

Birth of the Solar System

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