Week 01 Lab

August 27, 2014

Introduction, Rock Cycle and Solar System

Let's Explore Science... Geology





Rock Cycle_chart

Rock Cycle Movie

Learn about the Rock Cycle

Our World: The Rock Cycle

Geology Kitchen: The 3 Types of Rocks

3 types of rock- a science song

Types of Rocks & Rocks Cycle Video for Kids by makemegenius.com

Rock and Mineral Identification

Basic Rock Identification: Geology

Rocks & Minerals : Identifying Types of Rocks

Identifying Rocks : Classifying Rocks

Identifying Rocks : Physical Characteristics of Rocks

Identifying Rocks : Identifying Igneous Rocks 

Identifying Rocks : Identifying Metamorphic Rocks 

Identifying Rocks : Identifying Sedimentary Rocks 


Introduction to the Rock Cycle

No.  Rock Name    Rock Family    Rock Formation             Industrial Uses

Slate                        Metamorphic                    Heat and Pressure                                       Roof of houses, paths

Granite                   Igneous                              Melting, Cooling, Crystallization             Countertops, Floors, Archetecture

Gneiss                     Metamorphic                    Heat and Pressure                                      Building material, Flooring

Basalt                      Igneous                              Melting, Cooling, Crystallization             Concrete

Limestone/chalk  Sedimentary                      Erosion and Weathering                           Concrete

Sandstone              Sedimentary                     Erosion and Weathering                            Glass


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